Finding Hockey Tips for all Levels of Players

Finding hockey tips for all levels of players? Hockey is not a simple sport. There are 12 players on ice, and all of them are squabbling over a tiny rubber puck, which is no more than an inch thick and about one and a half inches in radius. The players, wearing skates, knock the puck around with big sticks. In such a scenario, the game is bound to become brutal at times. Accidents are inevitable, and sometimes, players also tend to find roughed up. Here are some good hockey tips for players.

The sport is disciplined with a set of stringent rules and penalty assessments. Depending upon the nature of the fault, the penalty may put out the player either temporarily or permanently. In exceptional cases, the penalty may even lead to a player getting fined or suspended. Unintentional events are unavoidable. However, penalties can be avoided. The only thing that a player needs to do is to stick to the rules. This is the best way to avoid unnecessary penalty assessments.

With respect to the rules of hockey, boarding is considered to be a serious violation. It occurs when the member of the opposing team checks the player and compels him to enter the boards of the rink. Depending upon the situation and referee’s judgment, boarding can result in major or minor penalties. Charging is another serious violation of the rules of hockey. Elbowing, high-sticking and head cutting are other infractions that can lead to severe penalties, suspensions and fines.

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Some behaviors as hooking, cross checking, slashing and roughing, are allowed in hockey. They attract penalty only when the situation goes out of hand. Hooking is when a player tries to stop another player with his stick. When a player collides with another player while cleaving to his stick with both hands in front of the body, it is called cross checking. Slashing is hitting a player with the stick. Roughing, shoving, minor wrestling and pushing are allowed until they are harmless and unintentional. However, players are not permitted to hold or grab another player. Such an act calls for severe penalty.

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Looking For the Best Strategies for Beginner Hockey Players

Looking for the best strategies for beginner hockey players? The following tips can help beginner hockey players to achieve what they want.

Focus on Skating in the beginning

A successful way of skating is imperative aspect to become a good ice hockey player. A player who has never been in this before can really sense skating as abnormal process in the beginning. Yet practice and determination make him fast at it and he feels it simply natural. a professional coach teaches you the best way to skate. Do not focus on stick management or any other hockey elements in the beginning. Get maximum time to learn skating well, find out the way to focus on balance, pace moreover learn the skill to end short in your ways.

Avid Staring at the Puck

Once you have learned how to skate well on the ice, you now need to focus on the way of handling the puck. It is highly important that you skate around the rink without being unable to find the puck. It is not supposed to be taken too lightly. New players frequently consider it very complicated that can result into the development of some terrible practice in the early hours. Many new players, for instance, stare at the puck while moving down the ice, having thought that this way they can better control. If a player does this habitually, it can significantly affect his capability of moving around the ice successfully. So it should be avoided at the earliest. You should try to maintain your vision up off the ice to a certain extent as it will let you explore whatever you face constantly. Doing so will let you to find it really easier that how can you continue having the puck in your control.

Do not overlook defense

Hockey is a sport that needs a strong unpleasant approach and therefore focusing the concentration on passing and shooting the puck. Defense is as imperative in hockey as it should be in any other game; it requires a lot of focus in adequate manner. Blocks, checks and other techniques are needed for defense and a player has to learn how to execute them successfully.

Finding Hockey Tricks Defensive Hockey Players

Finding hockey tricks defensive hockey players? Just hitting some good shots or running to tackle the opponents is not all about being a brilliant defenseman. There are some easy and some difficult skills to learn to improve your game.

Defense is always a big role for fighters and grinders, those who want some big shots and big hits. But there is always a set of 2 to 3 defensemen in every team and their true role is to stop and tackle anything from the opponent’s side and every move from getting close to their goal and to help and assist the forward players. Many times the defensemen opt for a big hit in order to make the audience cheer up. However, most of the time the defensemen make short passes to their mid field and forward players, when they have the puck. Big hits and long passes are an essential part of game and a good thing to cheer up the audience, but the prime job as a defenseman is to defend your side. Tackle the players and block the pucks.

Most of the players consider their sticks as playing tools. However, I always consider myself with three tools while playing the game on ice every time. It is great to hold the puck between the feet and it is much easier than use of any stick. Moreover your feet are best tools to block even some most difficult deke. It is a great skill you must remember at all times.

The goalie is the best friend of defensemen and it is essential for defensemen to know the strengths and weaknesses of the goalie. If the goalie has remarkable glove tackling but an atrocious blocker, then your job is to keep the shots at his glove side while blocking every chance for the blocker side. There must be a contact between the defensemen and the goalie all the time. They will tell you about the opponent’s moves to ensure that you are a step ahead. As half of the time they are not in action while watching the game idly, they can tell you about breakouts and also to intercept the game in a specific way.

Finding Hockey tricks That will help Make You A great Goal Scorer

Finding hockey tricks that will help make you a great goal scorer? The most important thing everyone including the coach, players and audience like is a good number of goals. Each and every player aims to score some goals in the game, especially during clinch situations such as overtimes and playoffs. The moment when a goal is scored is life-time recall for the player. It is applicable when the goals are victory deciding goals. Thus it is utmost important to shoot some goals. Stick handling and shooting practice is the best way to shoot goals, however you can learn faster by learning new techniques and tricks.

Try to shoot at different spots and do not aim for a particular spot, as if you target a particular spot, the goalie will know that after a few tries and your shot will be blocked. Do different every time. Some goalies are good at glove blocking; you can really puzzle them by a hard and low shot in the corners. Good players shoot flashy goals, so try for a low and quick shot as some goalies are not swift enough to block it in butterfly style.

Try to play a five hole shot! If you are near the target and there is no time for the goalie to close his legs then go for this shot. Shoot the puck through the legs of the goalie.

Observing the goalie is always advantageous for you. During my childhood, I used to observe the opponent’s goalie in warm up session. The players will shoot goals and their goalie will try to stop them. You can learn a lot about the weaknesses of the opponent’s goalie as the players know their goalie’s weaknesses and will shoot there as everyone like to shoot a goal even if it is just a warm up session.

Hockey is not an individual game; rather it is about team coordination. It requires planning and strategy to win the game. You must be active minded while in the game. Keep an eye on the opponents, your mates and the puck and then judge your position. While taking a shot consider the goalie and his possible reactions. Taking proper decisions at the right time will ensure you more goals.

Searching For the Best Hockey Gear for Kids

Searching for the best hockey gear for kids? The game of hockey for youth also requires specific equipment for optimum performance and safety. Large wheeled bags can be bought to haul the equipments. Take care of the equipment and make sure that the gear is dry as proper maintenance of the gear can save some of the precious money of parents.


Skates must fit comfortably around a player’s foot to give maximum performance and skating ability. The size of skates generally run around 1 or 2 sizes smaller than player’s shoe size. Nevertheless children’s feet grow constantly; buying too large skates is not a recommendation. The blades of skates should be sharpened regularly for best output. Different sharpened skate patterns are used for different playing positions.


The length of the hockey stick should be up to the chin of player while wearing hockey skates. The stick must be comfortable to be griped with gloves. Sticks can vary in weight according to the material. Choices for flexibility, curve and weight depend upon personal preference, strength and playing position. Generally, sticks with flexibility and lesser curves are suitable for young players for developing their shooting and handling skills. The handle and blade are normally taped with some cloth tape in order to reinforce them and add more puck handling ability.


Helmets are necessary to wear for protection of head. The helmet must properly fit and rest around half an inch above eyebrows. Many helmets come with chin straps and adjustable clips to fit properly, also having room to grow. Young players must use helmets with full cage for face protection. Junior players can use half visors only. Mouth guards should also be used to avoid injuries.


Pads are utmost important for protection of legs, shin, elbows, shoulders. Elbow pads extend from biceps to glove and protect the arm. Elbow pads should be comfortable and should not twist. Shoulder pads are for protection of upper back, collarbone, shoulders and upper arm. Shin pads extend from top of skates to the knee. These pads must proper fitting and no hindering in movement. These are most important as shins are most vulnerable to sticks and pucks.

Finding the Right Hockey Gear

Finding the right hockey gear? Hockey is among the fast-paced sports and it is necessary for the players to wear appropriate equipment, but this was not always the requirement in the history of NHL. Before 1959 season, the goalies did not use masks nor were the helmets used by players until late 1970s. The helmet use became mandatory after the tragic death of Bill Masterton, a player of Minnesota North Stars, who died from an injury in his head during a game in 1968.Keep reading this article in order to find the right hockey gear!


All players require well-fitting and properly sharpened hockey skates. Blade with a sharpened radius of 5/8 inch will be useful for speed dependent powerful skaters while those with radius of half an inch will be for players demanding frequent turns and quickness.

Positions and Sticks

Players at centre position uses flat blade sticks as it offers equal use of forehand and backhand. Right and left wing prefer bigger curved blade sticks for powerful slap shots. Defensemen use longer shaft sticks to block passes and shots. The length of a stick ranges from 56 to 62 inches, however tall players can use much longer sticks.

Face and Head Protection

It is necessary for all players to wear helmets with face masks. These helmets are made of a lightweight, hard plastic material called polycarbonate. There must be a padding of 5/8 inch in helmets and all helmets must be approved from HECC.


All players must use leg, shin and shoulder pads. Shin pads protect lower legs while the upper legs are covered by pads usually present inside uniform’s pants. Pads for shoulder protect upper arms and chest and absorb upper body pressure.

Goaltender Equipment

Goaltenders use a larger helmet with cage for protection of face and head, larger body pads and special gloves for blocking and catching the puck. Their masks are made up of composite materials like carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass etc. Catching gloves are at most 45 inches long and 8 inches wide while blocking gloves are at most 15 inches long and 8 inches wide.

Want To Learn Great Hockey Tricks

Want to learn great hockey tricks? A game of willpower and grit is for hockey. It is an enjoyable game to play where others look at its quickness and the art. Their capacity with the use of disk of hockey can make the audience amazed and can make their antagonist like a pylon of traffic. Learning skillful tricks with a disk of hockey will help you improve your way in playing the game.

It is better to have lots of rooms while working so that hindrances will be avoided. The best place is the garage floor or basement. One foot apart must be set-up where the pylons are lined. Make ready the cones to be faced using hockey. Subsequently, slide the disk of hockey on the right of the cone. This is for a shot of a person that usually use right hand and vice versa. Using your stick toe, pull the disk of hockey back to you. Rotate your wrist so that the face of the blade of the stick will be made. This is the part that beat the disk of hockey. Toe is the blade of razor that is thin which is pulled. TOE-DRUG is the name. In an 8 prototype, pull the puck around.

Knees bend deeply and rotate your wrist so the blade faces parallel. With this position of your stick, the blade face must be put on the disk of hockey and a big pressure must be used. In a rapid motion, quickly tap your wrists. This make your blade faces the opposite direction and positioning at the sky. To rest your blade stick, you need to do it right.

A ball of tennis or of golf can be used for doing some tricks. Face forward by putting the balls on your side ready for shooting. Legs must be put wider as 1 foot on the side as compared to the width of your shoulder. After then, pull backward the ball using your stick of hockey. Torso must be rotated on the side from where you shoot the balls. Quickly then pull to your behind the ball throughout your legs and with the use of stick of your hockey, you can now collect it and place in the front.

Hockey Game Is a Game for a Team

Hockey game is a game for a team. And to make your more well-known, tricks that make audience amazed, you need to have extraordinary tricks like slap shot and shot using your wrist. So always have focus on the game. Having a good focus on the game and feeling that you are on the game will make yourself to score more and may put lots of impact to others. You also need to put in your mind your playmates, where the disk is passing through. Decision to make more goals is also on your hand.

To put the disk of our hockey better, you need to practice a lot. Whether the shot is a rapid back hand or a wrist that is pretty quick, it does not matter. It is always imperative to have a shot if you see the opportunity. Shots on the net is not that disastrous, it may give opportunity to your playmate to have it and have a rebound and score the goal.

Having a mat for shooting the hockey is very nice surface when you are practicing. It makes your disk smoothly glide transversely to the top to have the same feeling having an ice practice. There are 2 sizes of mat for shooting the hockey and the hockey kit is the biggest. One timer passer is the joined trainer for hockey biggest handling of stick and surface shooting. This is the other way to increase your scores in hockey.

The most perfect kit to increase your skills in hockey is the hockey passing kit. Handling of stick, shooting, passing and goal are some tricks in scoring. This is also the secret to become a goal scorer of the team. Hockey shooting boards with a size of 48 inches x ninety-six inches give you enough places to fit in the situation of the game opportunities. With a trainer of the hockey passing, placed on the surface of the plastic at end will make you have a new skill of scoring goal. This will help you practice a shooting which can be applicable anywhere. Just let you have your own perfect room for the game.

What Gear Do Hockey Players Wear?

What gear do hockey players wear? Hockey is an intense sport by any standard. It requires strength, skill and dedication to play hockey successfully. Be it professional or as a sun way to pass time, you need protective gear whenever you play hockey. Here are some of the essential must haves for a good game.

Hockey Pants and Shin Guards

These are a good form of protection for your legs, thighs, hips and knees. They are mostly made of plastic, and can be sewn into the pants for effective protection. All hockey leagues require the players to have these in order to prevent serious injury to the body parts.

Head Gear

Probably the most vital form of protection, headgear is a must. Injuries to the head can be serious enough to be fatal. Wearing a helmet significantly reduces concussions, cuts and bruises to your head. Always ensure that the helmet is in proper working condition before each game.

Face Mask

The helmet protects your head, but it is designed to give you a maximum field of view. This leaves your face and eyes exposed, and the face mask is useful in protecting them. There are varying types of masks for different functions: A full wire mask covers your entire face; a shield mask wraps the eyes; a combination mask protects your eyes and lower face. Go for a mask that you are comfortable wearing, and must still give you a good view.

Shoulder, Chest and Arm protection

With the intensity involved with each hockey game, you need protection on the whole body. Your collarbone is protected by the shoulder pad. A chest plate covers your mid body, and your elbows and arms are covered by elbow pads and slash guards consecutively.

Other Equipment

Apart from the above listed items, you need to wear gloves, a mouth guard for your teeth, and a cup for your groin. With all these equipment, you need regular practice to get used to the extra weight and to attain flexibility. With enough time, you will be comfortable in the gear and you will get to love the game.

Finding the Best Tips on Choosing the Best Ice Hockey Gear

Finding the best tips on choosing the best ice hockey gear? When it comes to ice hockey gear, you need to first identify your role in the game before you start searching. Some player positions need more gear than others. Either way the two main categories for your search should involve protection equipment, and playing equipment.

Protection gear is vital for any hockey game. This starts with a helmet the player is comfortable in. It should allow neck movement and give a wide angle of view. It also needs to withstand impacts of any kind that may arise from playing hockey. The rest of the body needs protection as well. Plastic guards for the chest, shin, arms and legs are a must have.

For the playing equipment, the hockey player will need ice skates, elbow pads, gloves and the hockey stick. Ice skates come with a variety of options; size, color and blade size. Each individual player, depending on their skills and playing position, has an ice skate designed for them.

Elbow pads may seem like part of the protective gear, but most players disregard them. They are however very important because the elbows are some of the body parts most susceptible to injury.

Gloves will come in handy, no pun intended, to prevent the palms from getting blistered. Choose gloves that have a good grip and are comfortable to work with. The ideal glove should also protect the whole of your hand and wrist.

The hockey stick is most of the time ignored, but owing to the fact that you will be skating around with it, it must be of the right size and weight. Using a very long stick might end up affecting your balance and even trip you. A very short stick will tire your back quickly in the effort to reach the floor.

For you to get the best out of your hockey experience, select the gear yourself, as you will be the one stuck with it throughout the game. With the right choice, you will enjoy the game to the fullest without the fear of injury or pain. Online Sports Book